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Founded in 2017, BIG DEAL PRODUCTIONS has two focuses. 

The first is working with businesses to communicate their brand using quality film and video. We like to work closely with our clients in order to discover the best way to share their products, culture, values and mission using video. 

The second is independent film production. We are passionate about timeless stories. We are always searching for them and then finding ways to bring them to life using film. 

Both areas of BIG DEAL influence and effect each other. The significance of one pushes growth in the other and vice-a-versa. Quality is the aim and that means an emphasis on passionate storytelling and a deep understanding of every project and the intent behind creating it. 

the film

"To me it’s about getting out of the way so I can listen and help the client arrive at the story."




Hailing from north central Pennsylvania, Josh Deal's roots are a mix of the South meets Pennsylvania Dutch. Deciding to work in film, Deal attended film school at Ithaca College and then earned a masters in film from NYU. He began his career in New York City working under film producer Andrew Lauren.


He then moved to Nashville to work with Aspiration Studios. After leaving the company, he founded Big Deal Productions in 2017. 


As a producer, Josh believes in producing the best content possible. This means attention to detail and always pushing toward deeper exploration of characters, tone and story. 

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