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We are committed to creating quality work that is affordable. Every project involves a process of consultation and development. 

Mission Film for Haws Goodwin Wealth of Franklin, TN

In the business world, breaking through to reach clients means exposing the story and passion behind your business. Mission and vision are the centerpiece for corporate branding.  Video provides a unique way to share that vision and purpose. It gives clients a chance to experience and begin to identify your brand with a message.

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Team profile videos show us who works at your business and why they are dynamic to your team. They are typically 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length with development through delivery typically lasting 1 to 4 months


A sales video tells us about the products and services you offer and the value they add to your buyers. They are typically 2 to 8 minutes in length with development through delivery lasting 2 to 8 months. 


Mission films communicate what's driving your brand. They tell us why your company is vital. They are typically 3 to 8 minutes in length with development through delivery lasting 2 to 8 months. 

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Whether you need specific film and video production work or a creative professional to consult on a project you already have planned, we can provide these services on an hourly or daily rate. 


Whether it is a vlog, webinar, or small business project, we are consultants who can help you produce your own content from your own space. We can work remotely with individuals and businesses to consult, coach and produce their videos. 

We can help you discover the right use of video, craft your branding approach, and develop your projects to make sure they help you achieve your goals.


From producing to editing, we can join your team to help you complete your film and video production work.

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We produce fiction and nonfiction short and feature-length films, focusing on timeless, fresh stories.


We appreciate longer development processes as we insist on deeply understanding a story's characters and its locations.


We do not accept open submissions and choose projects on a case-by-case basis. 


Shadows of Greatness

Shadows of Greatness follows pro boxer Sena Agbeko, Ghana's former middleweight boxing champion. With a record of 60-9, he moved to the US to take things further, but has yet to make his mainstream debut. In the middle of a career gap and an immigrant with an entertainment visa, Sena lives in near isolation fighting every day to maintain his passion and commitment for his dream of becoming world champion. Josh Deal co-produced the film with writer and director Josh McGowan.


Adjustment of Status brings a dynamic and uniquely American story of an immigration officer involved in the high stakes interview of a couple seeking permanent residence for a foreign national spouse. Approval or deportation are on the line as the fate of this couple is decided by a bureaucrat with a clipboard who ultimately has a surprise revelation about her own life. Big Deal Productions produced the film alongside Peeplz Champ and Wet Paint.



Feature Documentary: Buffalo

Part memoir. Part ghost story. Buffalo is a portrait of 88 year old Duane West, the former county attorney and chief prosecutor in the Clutter family murder case, made famous by Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. Told through story and song and set in the heart of Kansas nearly 60 years after the murder, Duane brings us into his private, inner world -- a cyclone of memory, trauma, and regret. 

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